Design for Longevity #7: Lifecycle

Reaching the goal of establishing a circular economy where resources are never wasted will take a massive change in the way we think about, design, produce, ship, buy, use and recycle goods.

Design for Longevity #5: Making

Craftsmanship and new possibilities in design and making is one of the very fundamental areas where changes to design practices can influence an extended usable life of garments.

Design for Longevity #8: Material

Choosing fabrics that are fit for purpose and has minimal environmental impact is one of the most important aspects of sustainable design. And also one of the most complex.

Design for Longevity #1: Lifespan

The development of new business models that incorporate issues around reuse, repair and repurposing could ensure that garments stay in use for longer and less resources are wasted.

Design for Longevity #3: Emotion

Vanessa Friedman (Fashion Editor, New York Times) has called sustainable fashion an oxymoron – a contradiction in terms:

Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2016

Copenhagen Fashion Summit is the world’s largest conference on sustainability in fashion that takes place in Copenhagen every second year.