DAFI signs international agreement on microplastic

June 30, 2016

During Copenhagen Fashion Summit, Danish Fashion Institute joined the ethical Charter, Ocean Clean Wash Campaign, developed by the NGOs Plastic Soup Foundation and Plastic Change.

With the membership of the charter follows a commitment to realize a significant mitigation of microplastic fiber release during the washing of synthetic clothes in washing machines within a set timeline.

The issue demands a solution-oriented collaborative effort from industry and thus concern actors closest to the process including fashion companies and manufacturers of yarn, washing machines and -detergents.

During washing and centrifuging garments microplastic fibers are released and end up in rivers, seas and oceans, and calculations from the EU-funded Mermaids project, show that by 2050, the weight of plastic will surpass the population of fish. For example, a fleece jacket of 500 grams, depending on composition and washing circumstances, releases between 114 thousand and 2,2 million micro-plastic fibers.

In that context, the primary task of Danish Fashion Institute will be to assist in facilitating the opening dialogue, and promoting the Ocean Clean Wash campaign through connections within the industry and channels targeting politicians and consumers. 

The charter is open for participation of any fashion company. For more information, contact Anne Aittomaki from Plastic Change, and read more about the Charter and the underlying science from the Mermaids project.