About the organization


Danish Fashion Institute (DAFI) is a network organization established by the Danish fashion industry in 2005. The purpose of DAFI is to facilitate an extensive network to develop, promote, market and push Danish fashion forward in order to strengthen Denmark's position on the global fashion map. The stronger Danish fashion stands abroad and the more international attention it attracts, the better we ensure the development of a stronger and more competitive fashion industry in Denmark.

DAFI's work is based on a vision of gathering the industry, strengthening Copenhagen Fashion Week, putting Danish fashion on the national political agenda, strengthening communication between the industry and relevant educational institutions, generating and sharing new industry knowledge and facilitating networking.

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Since its founding in 2005, Danish Fashion Institute has been in charge of organising one of Denmark's biggest international events; the biannual Copenhagen Fashion Week. Prior to 2005, the Danish capital's fashion week was primarily an event for trade fairs and sales, but since then the umbrella project Copenhagen Fashion Week has developed into a true cultural happening with fashion shows, events, and activities, that has spread across the whole city and involves not only fashion professionals but also city residents and tourists. Read more about Copenhagen Fashion Week here.


In 2008, DAFI initiated the NICE project (Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical), in collaboration with our Nordic sister organizations, collectively Nordic Fashion Association. NICE's purpose is to assist and motivate fashion companies to integrate sustainability and social responsibility in their business practices and processes and thereby create value for society. Since 2009, NICE has organised the highly renowned international summit Copenhagen Fashion Summit, held every other year to gather industry professionals, politicians, experts and NGO's from across the globe to discuss visions and challenges for a sustainable fashion industry. Read more about NICE here.


In 2010, DAFI launched the fashion industry's news site Fashionforum.dk – a project that emerged from Modezonen (read more below). Fashionforum.dk delivers daily news on the Danish fashion industry and contains Denmark's biggest job portal specifically targeting the fashion industry. Read more about Fashionforum.dk here.


From 2008-2011, DAFI ran the three-year political industry initiative Modezonen in collaboration with Kolding School of Design, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts - School of Design, KEA, Danish Design Centre, TEKO, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, Dansk Fashion and Textile, The Trade Council of Denmark, Wonderful Copenhagen, and the Capital Region of Denmark. Modezonen aimed to ensure and advance opportunities for combining creativity, innovation, talent development, business savvy, ethics, and a global outlook – thereby creating an even better environment for economic and responsible growth in the fashion industry.