Jacob Kampp Berliner

As investor and business developer primarily in creative industries, Jacob Kampp Berliner is involved in a number of companies, including the fashion company Soulland, the record company Fake Diamond Records, the gallery Steinsland Berliner, and the cafés Granola, Pixie, and Taxa. He's got more than ten years of experience with the commercial jewellery brand Pilgrim, whose Swedish presence he established. Jacob was elected to the board at the general assembly in spring 2011, and was chosen to be vice chairperson in spring 2013.

Jacob says:

DAFI has succeeded in putting Copenhagen and Denmark on the international map of fashion. Copenhagen Fashion Week has become an institution for lots of buyers, and through the past years it has become a more professional fashion week than earlier. Through DAFI's many initiatives like speed-dating, Fashion Summit, and so on, DAFI has contributed to professionalising Danish fashion and create better conditions for brands both new and established.

CEO, Soulland

Deputy chairman since 2013