Danish Fashion Institute is now Global Fashion Agenda

As of 22 May 2018, Danish Fashion Institute has officially changed its name to Global Fashion Agenda.

In 2016, Danish Fashion Institute embarked on a comprehensive strategic process based on the success that Copenhagen Fashion Summit had experienced since the first Summit took place in 2009. The aim of the new strategy was to strengthen the organisation’s role as a global leader in the development of a sustainable fashion industry. As a result Danish Fashion Institute established Global Fashion Agenda as its major international sustainability initiative, from which numerous new projects and publications, such as The Pulse of the Industry report and CEO Agenda, were born. Furthermore, Global Fashion Agenda established a steering committee with leading players of the global fashion industry to help shape a common agenda for focused industry efforts on sustainability in fashion.

“It’s with great excitement and great expectations that Global Fashion Agenda is now established as a company, a move that simultaneously represents the end of an epoch-making chapter in the Danish fashion industry after 13 years as Danish Fashion Institute. Fortunately, Danish fashion stands stronger than ever before and has substantial support from the trade organisations Dansk Fashion & Textile and WEAR, but also Copenhagen Fashion Week, which means I’m closing this chapter with a sense of calm and look forward to focusing all our efforts on strengthening the sustainability movement in the global fashion industry.”

- Eva Kruse,
CEO of Global Fashion Agenda
(formerly Danish Fashion Institute)

To explore the work of Global Fashion Agenda, please visit our website:

Global Fashion Agenda

For information about the Danish fashion industry, we suggest you visit the website of the industry association Dansk Fashion & Textile (Dansk Mode & Textil):

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For information about Copenhagen Fashion Week, please visit their website:

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